Open call

Gallery Gallery invites proposals for solo our group exhibitions, to be realised online through our website during the second half of 2020. The exhibitions will be part of our expanded pandemic programme and will take place exclusively online.

This call for proposals has no specific title or topic, but we prefer work that critically reflects on the current situation, or on the media or technology it uses. We are looking for works conceived and created especially for the internet. Projects that show a gallery of paintings, sculptures, performance documentation and other works intended to be viewed in a physical space will not be part of our selection.

Who is this for?

This call is open to artists who live and work in Bulgaria, irrespective of their nationality.

We also invite those who have or were intending to apply for the Solidarity in Culture programme by the Sofia municipality, even if their application was not supported.

Selected projects will be presented online through our website, and will be promoted through our network. We can provide hosting for static websites, as well as a subdomain on Exact technical details will be discussed additionally with each selected artist.

If you are a young or debuting artist, we will soon publish an open call specifically designed for you.

What documents do we need?

We do not have forms or reports that need to be filled out. Simply send us a single email with the following attachments:

If you want to send us video, software or code, please provide a link.


This call has a rolling deadline during the months of May and June. Send your proposal by email to We will send feedback within 10 days of receiving your proposal.

Gallery Gallery is a project by artists and curators Albena Baeva and Rene Beekman. Gallery Gallery is the first gallery in Bulgaria that is exclusively focussed on digital art.

Gallery Gallery does not have a physical space. Our exhibitions are accessible only through the mobile devices of our visitors, if they are connected to our open WiFi network. The router that creates this network is located in the studio of Reaktiv, which was also founded by Albena and Rene.

Due to the unusual situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, all regular exhibitions of Gallery Gallery until the end of this year will also be available online on the gallery’s website. We believe that in this way we will better support the work of artists by presenting their work in front of a much larger international audience.

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