Gallery Gallery: Open call for emerging artists

Open call for emerging artists

Deadline: midnight on 10 August 2020
Exhibition opening: 13 November 2020

Gallery Gallery invites proposals for an exhibition by one or more emerging artists, which will take place in the fall of 2020, as part of the official programme of gallery Gallery.

We are open to all types of work and we are looking for new artists and curators to join our growing community.

This call has no specific topic or theme, though we do have a preference for work that critically reflects on the current situation, the medium or technology involved, or the virtual space of the gallery, how visitors enter and interact with the exhibition, and the unique location of the gallery.

Proposals must be received by 10 August 2020 at midnight to be considered. Artists and curators who apply will be notified by 30 August 2020.

Who can apply

This call is open for:

If artists collectives apply, or the proposal is for a group exhibition, then these requirements should be fulfilled by all participating artists.

Important dates

The team of gallery Gallery provides coaching, advice and technical support as needed.
However, please understand that we can not be the engineers on your project.

We will support the exhibition with print and online marketing and promotion, as we do with all our exhibitions.

Lastly, we will throw a party to kick off your exhibition!

More technical information

For more technical information, please visit our Git repository.

Gallery Gallery is a router gallery. Visitors can only view the exhibitions on their mobile telephone or tablet while they are within range of our wifi router. So the format in which they will see your work is on a telephone screen.

The exhibition can use any front-end web technology; html, css, javascript, text, images, animations, videos, hotlinks and so on.

The router has no connection to the internet, so the exhibition is not accessible outside our WIFI network, and also you can not use anything that is not on our router.

You will have about 30 GB of storage space at your disposal for your work. If more is necessary, this can be arranged.

The gallery is located at, literally, two doors from the Registry Agency. This means that every day, there are many potential visitors, who are waiting in lines within range of your exhibition and who are already on their phone, looking for something to pass the time.

Due to the unusual situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, all regular exhibitions of Gallery Gallery until the end of this year will also be available online on the gallery’s website.

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