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Dangerous Creatures Living in the Deep

Albena Baeva

01-11-2019 until 01-01-2020

What would an AI algorithm look like if it could imagine its own body? Would it choose to look like a robot as in the movies, or would it prefer to be a blond, non-threatening, girl or a cute animal? Would it choose to be female, male, animal or something else entirely; something new and unexpected?

How does an AI algorithm perceive itself? What is its self-image, and what form would it choose if it could? Albena Baeva trains a self-learning algorithm to find its identity by letting it create self-portraits. Analysing hundreds of thousands of different bodies found online, the algorithm creates new self-portraits; like avatars in its image.

The exhibition Dangerous Creatures Living in the Deep is part of the wrong biennale

the wrong biennale